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Woow Me Jewel
Woow Me Jewel Sourcing | Woow Me Jewel

Woow Me Jewel Sourcing

For almost a decade, Woow Me Jewel has represented the rarest gemstones in spectacular woowing designs.


Day after day, our team of gemstone-enthusiastic Tanzanian women and youth strive to uncover gemstones that equal or surpass the finest gems ever unearthed. We select every stone uniquely from Tanzania Women miners through TWiMMI (Tanzania Women in Mining & Mineral Industry), presiding over every step of its journey to ensure the Woow Me gemstone is responsibly mined and traceable to its source.


No stage is bypassed. No shortcuts are taken. Only perfection matters.

Woow Me Sorting, Cutting & Polishing | Woow Me Jewel

Woow Me Sorting, Cutting & Polishing

In the rough, a gemstone has yet to reveal its woow glamour: it might become an avalanche of small gems or a single eloquently cut stone. Our team of well-trained GIA-certified experts analyzes every possible option for each gemstone to get the best out of it. And when that is done, the destiny of the jewel is set.


Knowing the task of revealing the treasure of our lands lies in our hands, our certified international lapidarist requires agility, precision, and patience. It is because of their skilled creativity that Woow Me Jewel effortlessly reveals the hidden beauty of Africa's most magnificent gemstones, ensuring every gemstone unearthed and passed through our lapidarist's steady hands and keen eyes is just woow and nothing less.

Woow Me Design & Craftsmanship | Woow Me Jewel

Woow Me Design & Craftsmanship

Having the world’s rarest gemstones at our disposal gives our design atelier a unique opportunity to create woowing jewelry. Beyond the whims of fashion, our designs are known for their deceptive simplicity, perfect balance and proportion, and eloquent woow-power.


Woow Me master craftswoman/man is a kin to being entrusted with the most precious and rare African treasures coupled with access to skills and techniques that simply could not be learned elsewhere. In our Tanzania workshop, traditional techniques meet cutting-edge innovations, and creative dreams become a woow reality.

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