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Woow Me Jewel

What warranties does Woow Me Jewel offer?

We stand behind our products and offer a Woow Me Jewel manufacturing warranty with all jewelry purchased from us both online and in-store. Our warranty covers manufacturing defects but does not cover damage due to neglect and abuse, natural wear and tear, or stone loss over 0.20 carats.

Are there warranty conditions and exclusions?

Our warranty does not cover any damage caused by neglect, abuse, or natural wear and tear.


We do not provide a warranty on Woow Me jewelry that has been repaired by another jeweler. We cannot be responsible for merchandise that has been worked on by anyone other than us.


Our warranty does not cover the loss of a stone over 0.20 carats. Stones larger than 0.20 carats can be covered by your insurance in case you have submitted them for coverage with an appraisal. If you need to have a stone like this replaced, please go through your insurance company first.

How do I request warranty service?

If you believe your merchandise has a manufacturing defect, please contact us to return it for inspection. If we determine your merchandise has a manufacturing defect, we will repair it at no additional charge and ship it out to you within 10 business days.


Please note we reserve the right to reject any repair if your merchandise falls under our conditions and exclusions stated above.

Do you offer appraisal and insurance services?

We offer a professional appraisal service for insurance purposes for $65 per piece. We do not offer insurance programs but are happy to make recommendations on how to get your jewelry properly insured. Please contact us for the appraisal service request.

How do I measure my ring size?

We invite you to visit our showroom in Dar es Salaam to get acquainted and professionally measured free of charge.

What if I ordered the wrong ring size?

We offer single complimentary ring resizing within one whole size, for example, from size 6 to size 7. The complementary resizing is valid only during the first three months of receiving your ring and takes approximately two weeks to complete. Please note that the white gold ring resizing service may be subject to an additional fee.


If you decide that your ring does not fit, please contact us to request a resizing service.

Do you do custom designs?

Yes! We are specialized in custom design jewelry, so please do not hesitate to book an appointment to bring your ideas to life.

How long does it take to make a custom design?

The timeline can vary depending on material availability and design complexity but on average, custom design takes about 15 business days from start to finish. If we are sourcing a very hard-to-find stone, it may take up to 14 weeks, and if we are only making minor changes to an existing design, it can take as little as 7 business days.

Can I provide my gemstones for the custom work?

We love repurposing heirloom gemstones. Before starting your custom work, we will inspect your heirloom gemstones to guarantee they can withstand rework without chipping or breaking.


Please note we do not work with diamonds or colored stones purchased elsewhere. Our goal is to create a more responsible and ethical jewelry industry, and we are very strict with what suppliers we buy from.


Our suppliers are vetted and trusted sources, and we only work with stones purchased from those vendors.

Will you set a diamond or colored gemstone I purchased elsewhere?

No, we are committed to responsible sourcing and care about it for our business and the entire industry. We work very closely with our suppliers, especially women miners, to make sure all of the stones we use are traceable and responsibly sourced. Since we cannot verify the source of your newly purchased stone, we will not set it in our jewelry.

Can you use my old jewelry to make something new?

If you have old jewelry you are not wearing, let’s use it to make a custom piece!


We can repurpose all of your precious gemstones and diamonds. We can use your gold for a charge if we determine that the metal is at least 14k. We can also offer credit for it, which will count toward your new piece. If you prefer to keep the gold but use the stones, we will carefully remove all gemstones and return the gold to you.

Is my custom design truly one of a kind?

Yes! While we own the rights to all of our jewelry designs, if your custom design is made uniquely for you and very distinct, we will not duplicate it. However, for more simplified settings and motifs, we cannot guarantee that the design will not be recreated, and as a courtesy to you, we will always try to alter it slightly.

Can I make revisions to my custom design?

After discussing your design, we will provide you with computer renderings upon request. You will also be offered an extra free revision if necessary. After that, there is a fee for each revision.


If you decide to completely change the design after the first full and the extra free revision, there will be a $100 charge plus any fees for additional design time.

What are the custom design terms?

All Woow Me Jewel custom design rings come with one complimentary ring resizing. You will also get 5% off your wedding band order. 


All custom design jewelry is covered under our manufacturing warranty. However, normal wear and tear, abuse, and accidental damage are not covered.


Once the jewelry is finished, a balance is required for the completion of your order. All late payments will accrue additional charges of 5% of the balance per month for each month past the completion date. Please note that custom design jewelry is non-refundable.

Can I customize a piece I found on your website? What about a piece of jewelry I found elsewhere?

We will gladly customize one of our pieces to fit you and your style. However, we do not copy designs from other stores as it is illegal to copy another artist’s work. We specialize in custom design and hate to see when our designs get copied, so we would not want to do that to another jewelry designer. However, if you see patterns, designs, or motifs that you would like to capture in your custom design, we can design something similar to meet your expectations.

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